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Default R.I.P Chick Corea

Mislim da sam pesmu Got a Match preslušao više stotina puta.
Ne bih ni znao da su Steve Vai i Chick Corea imali saradnju da juče SV nije postavio info.

Chick Corea's Elektric Band Vs. Steve Vai's Monsters - The Rumble from

The Songs of West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
Steve Vai's Monsters vs Chick Corea's Elektric Band* "The Rumble"Arranged By – Chick Corea*, David Pack, David Paich, John Dickson Arranged By [Rhythm] – Simon Phillips, David Weckl
*Steve Vai's Monsters (Steve Vai - guitar, Simon Phillips - drums, John Pena - bass, David Paich - keyboards, Lenny Castro - percussion.)
*Chick Corea's Elektric Band (Chick Corea - keyboards, Dave Weckl - drums, Frank Gambale - guitar, Jimmy Earl - bass, Eric Marienthal - saxophone)

Originally Posted by Steve Vai
I was very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with the great Chick Corea
. It was on the song “Rumble” for a record called “The Songs of West Side Story."
This is a brilliant piece of music that was arranged by the phenomenal David Pack in which he created this rumble battle feel between “Chick Corea’s Electrik Band vs. Steve Vai’s Monsters.” It was recorded live at Ocean Way Studios and I recall that between both bands we had perhaps 15 so musicians in the studio. It remains one of the highlight studio experiences for me.
One of the things that I can remember so vividly was the intro. The intro was meant to start with about a minute of Chick playing an improvised solo on piano, and then we would all come in. After Chick did the intro, we were stunned into silence. I could hardly start the song being so absolutely blown away by the immense genius of this man's performance. We did perhaps 3 takes of the entire song and each time Chick took to the piano to do his intro, something completely different but completely blow-away came out of him. It was remarkable.
But perhaps the most fun came when Chick came up to my Mothership Studio with his electric piano that was slung over his body like a guitar, and we really dueled. So much fun.
Here is a link to the recorded version. You can hear Chick's Elektrik band panned somewhat left, and my “Monsters” panned right. It really is quite cool and has such an intense energy to it. Absolutely brilliant arrangement by David Pack and it was so so so so fantastic to be in that room with all those musicians and have that opportunity. It’s all one take and we were reading the music, but it retains that high energy live feel.
Chick was brilliant beyond beyond. He brought us the first real taste of rich fusion music with the historic “Return to Forever." I was 15 years old when I saw this band at Hofstra Playhouse and it had a tremendous impact on me. This is where I first heard one of my most powerful sources of inspiration, the great Al Di Meola
. I highly recommend checking out the music of “Return to Forever." It’s a gift to music lovers.
Rest In Peace Dear Chick, and thank you for all you gave us.
" .... we are breakbeat troopers and intergalactic travelers."
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